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inner confusion November 29, 2007

Filed under: Roommates — Andrew @ 1:34 am

I’m not sure if I’m following myself.

-Ian Lugg


heretical heralding

Filed under: Friends — theorangelugster @ 1:08 am

“If John MacArthur would’ve given up, we wouldn’t have the Bible.”

– Witt Stroup


on video game systems and ethics November 25, 2007

Filed under: Professors — Andrew @ 11:42 am

“There’s a right way to steal your friend’s Wii and a wrong way to steal your friend’s Wii.”

-Mr. Wallis


unsinful, strangling pride November 23, 2007

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“He will strangle you with pride, but not like a sinful pride.”

-Polly Meredith


Answering Your Own Question November 17, 2007

Filed under: Friends — Micah James Lugg @ 4:33 pm

“I’m sorry, my question’s disintegrating.”

-Cameron Knox


Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! November 16, 2007

Filed under: Roommates — Andrew @ 5:52 pm

“I have a presuppositional disposition against tea.”

-Ian Lugg


an unforgettable experience November 15, 2007

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“Now that would give you a buzz you would never forget!”

– Stead