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what the? December 30, 2007

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“I suppose – worst case scenario – you could always use a wild game tongue in the unfortunate event that you lost one of your five hearts.”

-Polly Meredith


eco-friendly books December 13, 2007

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“What are they going to do — plant our books?”

-Daniel Dibble


kimberly quoted December 12, 2007

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“You can be just like your mom without being a woman!”

“I think it is funny to think about men…”

– Kimberly Weinberg


from mexican to drunk December 11, 2007

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“It started out Mexican…”

“…and ended up drunk.”

– Andrew and Ian


MacArthur on Infants December 10, 2007

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“I hate babies!”

– John MacArthur


Holland Havoc

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“We have some big elders!”
“How do you understand… a WOMAN!”
“Wife: Some of them are really interesting critters.”

– Rick Holland


Choosy cows choose Jif December 7, 2007

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“Butter comes from cows.”


“Did you just say peanut butter-coated cows?”