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spoiled satisfaction February 27, 2008

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“Hey dude, cleaning a fridge is like shaving your legs, it’s so satisfying until you’ve found that you missed a spot.”

– (confidentiality graciously imposed)


Romancing the Books

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“My homework and I have an intimate relationship.”

– Ian


The Fun Killers

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“Stupid windows . . . they destroy all the fun.”

-Daniel Dibble


defending dope February 24, 2008

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“Poor marijuana gets bad press because people do stupid things with it.” – John MacArthur


a female’s fallen state

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“Female knees are in and of themselves evil.”  – John MacArthur (1985)


dichotomy of drowning February 23, 2008

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“Either you get wet and you drown, or you get wet and you grow up.”

– Amos Ralston


alternatives to suicide February 20, 2008

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“Maybe I’ll knock myself unconscious, that’s like a sabbatical.”

– Hampton Jackson